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We provide both web site development & hosting services.  The below table will give you a general idea of the services we offer and their associated cost.  Please let us know your specific requirements, and we'll provide a custom quote for you.
Effective January 1, 2010
Web Site Hosting & Development
Template Website Package
6 Pages
with Information / Reply Form
Review Templates
Order Form
Package Options
$500.00 with domain $50.00 --
E-Commerce Package
Full Shopping Cart Setup
Includes loading first 50 items

Only available with WebSite Hosting Package "D" or greater
Must be combined with either a Custom or Template setup package
Includes our standard E-commerce interface.
$850.00 First 100 items $45.00
Each additional 100 items
or portion there of
For the Above E-Commerce Shopping Cart setup,
using one of our Template Websites
and if you had 200 items listed.
(Does not include CC processing fees listed below)
$1,350.00 Total Monthly Fees $105.00 --
E-Commerce Solution
Credit Card Gateway Setup

Special Package price. Fees paid direct to card processor
$350.00 Approximate
Merchant fee
Gateway fee $25.00
Shopping Cart Option
Automatic Software Downloading opon CC Approval
$100.00 $25.00 --
Customization for above $75.00
Per Hour
-- --

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