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We provide both web site development & hosting services.  The below table will give you a general idea of the services we offer and their associated cost.  Please let us know your specific requirements, and we'll provide a custom quote for you.
Effective June 1, 2012

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Fixed Template Website Package
6 Page general marketing web site from our template collection. Includes company information page, 4 product/service pages, response form, plus remote site editing and site statistics.
Images for templates must be provided in digital format.
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Build Your Own Website Class
3 day course that when you complete it, you will have launched your own website. Best part about this approach to creating your new website, is then when you need to edit or make changes to your website, since you built it, you will know how to make the necessary changes.
More Information
Web Presence
Single Webpage with separate Information / Reply Form

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Shopping Cart Package
Full Shopping Cart Setup
Includes loading first 50 items.
Includes E-commerce interface.

Note: Customers upgrading from another Package will receive a credit in the amount of their initial setup towards the setup fee of their shopping cart.

If appropriate, this package includes a Virtual Store Front (VSF) in one of our Malls.
Shopping Cart Package
and up 
Shell Website
Web-site hosting only. You Build & Maintain
We Just Host
(Up to 100 Mb/mo.)
AP Easy
Specialty hosting application for companies using AP Easy software.
Includes normal website hosting, virtual email and AP Easy module integration. Site administration has site editing and advanced website statistic reporting.
AP Easy Package
transfer & setup
of existing site
FileMaker Pro databases
FMP 4 through 12 Data Base
Hosting details
Custom Development
Custom Web Site

6 Pages
Final page may be used as an Information / Reply Form
Includes remote site editing and site statistics
and up 
Virtual Store Front
1 page Virtual Store Front in one of our Malls
(This is for setup - does not include cost of Hosting in Mall)
Virtual Studio Plus
2 page Virtual Studio Website
Includes a Reply form.
(This is for setup - does not include cost of Hosting in Mall)
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